What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder?

The inability to understand spoken language in a meaningful way in the absence of what is commonly considered a hearing loss is called a Central Auditory Processing (CAP) disorder. In simple terms one may describe CAP as how well the ear communicates to the brain and then how well the brain understands what the ear is saying. Through a battery of tests, an audiologist can evaluate hearing and identify possible processing problems. These tests involve listening to different types of speech under a variety of difficult listening situations. CAP problems can affect learning, particularly in the areas of spelling and reading.

Central Auditory Processing Testing

The assessment will take approximately 60 minutes. Paper worrk needs to be completed by the parent(s) and teacher prior to testing.

There is a $120.00 fee.

cap_testing_1Referral Criteria:

  • Normal hearing in both ears. No middle ear issues (ear infections, fluid in ear,etc…)
  • Age range: 8 and older.
  • Demonstrate age appropriate cognitive abilities.
  • Able to take a test in English.
  • Demonstrate intelligible speech. No severe phonological or articulation disorders.

Although a referral is not necessary, click here to download a referral form.

NOTE: Parent(s) and teacher must complete the required paperwork.

More Information

Canadian Academy of Audiology